corona and devils

it's mid october

by crossing the 7 million mark

of total coronavirus cases 

modi's india will soon become

the world's most infected nation

surpassing trump's 7.5 million

modi also set the record at 90K

for most daily positive cases 

followed by trump with 65K 

and bolsonaro's brazil at 45k

modi is yet to catch the virus

but many other macho leaders 

had some close calls with 'rona

boris johnson was stuck on march 27

he spent a week in hospital

three nights in intensive care 

russian prime minister mikhail mishustin

tested positive on april 29

he checked into a hospital

and self-isolated for 3 weeks

jair bolsonaro became ill on july 5

and 3 weeks later he had "mold in the lung"

donald trump is no exception

after months of minimizing the virus

repeatedly saying it would go away

on october 2 trump admitted he was positive

he ran low on oxygen and was rushed to the hospital

treated with remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies

and steroid dexamethasone, he recovered quickly 

and was back at his desk 5 days later

blaming china, bashing the radical left

and claiming the virus was "a blessing from god"

with 210,000 people dead in the nation

the super spreader-in-chief in the capital says

"don't be afraid of covid"

“don’t let it dominate your life” 

macho talk by a right-wing populist

is no solace for the dead

and those suffering long-term effects

the majority of whom are poor

Latinas and Latinos

African American women and men

Asian American women and men

Indigenous women and men

people from other disadvantaged communities

who are afraid of the disease

yet work to feed their families

for them, catching this bug

would be a curse from a right-wing devil

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