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Five Sisters

Gaia is blessed tonight
her five sisters visiting
on a beautiful cloudless sky
Jupiter leads the Goddess procession 
big sister, oh so bright 
approaching the sky's center
as Saturn trails behind
still far in front of  Mars
part of the inner circle,
and Venus, returning in 2020
Our closest sibling
tagging along the crescent Moon
with Mercury in the rear

an incredible parade of Goddesses
goes entirely unnoticed 
by humans, young and old, below
too drunk in ego
consumed by desire for fun
to care about our solar family

people in long beach city
live in an alternate universe
a nihilist world 
engrossed in machismo
a magical place in which
corona virus does not exist
friends and strangers alike
mix and mingle, merrily
as if the pandemic is gone
also likely, it never happened
groups and gatherings galore
block after block
strangely, uncomfortably
we are the only one 
social distancing

sirens blaring...

in one month 
mid-june to mid-july
california went from having 
2,000 corona virus cases daily
to 10,000 new cases every day
every day 
even with inadequate testing
newsome, our 'liberal' governor 
re-opened too soon
beaches, bars, restaurants, theaters 
now desperately trying 
to close it all back down again
but it is too little, too late, gov
the golden state has left the barn
we will soon pass
new york's 406,000 cases 
to lead the US in infections
what a difference a month makes
then, 'rona was spreading slowly
now, she is widely out of control
Venus knew this would happen
the Goddesses all knew
we are the only ones in the dark

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