Gaia is

Gaia is




forever at home

super comfortable

never leaving her place

always giving

loving, living


da Queen

don't do drama -

deal with it

get it over completely

keep on going

without baggage

from the past

persevere at all cost

Earth shows the way

moving constantly

in all directions



a Deity that needs no pity

from narcissists

who suffers no guilt

from the shameless

our Mother is

ever so watchful

humble, honest

noble, dignified

open, supportive

ever willing, ready

to receive, cuddle

Her off springs

da Goddess

of all life

is incorruptible

Her intentions are naked

obvious - preserve life

with matchless integrity

She cannot be fooled

by maya's thoughts, illusions

via self

She easily sees thru

ego's holy show

indestructible Gaia

is impervious to man

to all of masculinity

standing tall

witnessing it all

She abhors the male horror show

but does nothing

to stop men's march

to extinction

its never too late

to re-connect

become grounded

honor Her Highness

respect all Earthlings

live in joy and beauty

as She does

Gaia is

when maya is not

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